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NEW Journals

KMANPUB offers a comprehensive range of services including system installation, article submission, editorial board recruitment, peer-review process, article formatting, template design, and article translation. With their expertise in these areas, KMANPUB ensures that researchers and authors receive comprehensive support throughout the publication process. We provide a one-stop solution for all publication needs, making it convenient and efficient for researchers to get their work published. Whether it’s submitting articles, finding suitable editorial board members, conducting peer-review, preparing articles for printing, designing templates, or translating articles, KMANPUB has the capabilities to handle it all.

Single Journal Plan

Initial Price (Full setup)*: 350$

Editorial Board Recruitment: 50$ per editor

Article Provision: 100$ per article

Management fees: 500$ (annually) + 18$ per article

Open peer-review: 8$ per article

*Running a journal on the KMANPub journals platform is free of any charge for setting up.

Multiple Journals Plan

Initial Price (Full setup)*: 300$ + 100$ per extra journal

Editorial Board Recruitment: 25$ per editor

Article provision: 80$ per article

Management fees: 300*(journals count)$ per year + 15$ per article

Open peer-review: 8$ per article 

*Running journals on the KMANPub journals platform is free of any charge for setting up.

Journal Management (for existing journals)

KMANPUB offers a range of services for existing journals, including journal migration and management. If you’re looking to migrate your journal to a OJS or KMANPub Journals Platform, We can help with the entire process, from system installation to article submission and formatting. Our team of experts can also assist with editorial board recruitment and peer-review processes, ensuring that your journal maintains its high standards and reputation.

If you’re not interested in migrating your journal, KMANPUB can still provide comprehensive journal management services. Our team can handle all aspects of journal management, from article submission and peer-review to article formatting and translation. We can also design custom templates to give your journal a professional and polished look.

With KMANPUB’s one-stop solution for all publication needs, you can trust that your journal is in good hands. Our expertise and experience in the industry ensure that we can handle any challenge that arises, making the publication process convenient and efficient for you and your authors.

Journal Management (for existing journals)

Migration Plan

Migrating plan includes OJS installation or migrating to KMANPub Journals Platform by your choice.

OJS Installation and full setup: 300$

Setting up the journal on the KMANPub Journals Platform: FREE

Transferring: 10$ per article


Management Plan

Article provision: 75$ per article

Management fees*: 250$ (annually) + 14$ per article

Open peer-review: 8$ per article

By request, any indexing, editor recruitment, and minor improvements do not charge any further fees.

* First year annual management fee will be waived for journals migrating to KMANPub Journals Platform. 


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