KMAN Publication Inc.

KMAN Publication Incorporation is a hosting and provider of journal management systems and services, including editing and formatting, translation and indexing, and a leading provider of book publishing and conference proceedings management systems.

Journal Management Services

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KMANPUB offers a comprehensive range of services including system installation, article submission, editorial board recruitment, peer-review process, article formatting, template design, and article translation. With their expertise in these areas, KMANPUB ensures that researchers and authors receive comprehensive support throughout the publication process. They provide a one-stop solution for all publication needs, making it convenient and efficient for researchers to get their work published. Whether it's submitting articles, finding suitable editorial board members, conducting peer-review, preparing articles for printing, designing templates, or translating articles, KMANPUB has the capabilities to handle it all.

Fast Indexing on Google Scholar

One of the key advantages of using KMANPUB is their expertise in optimizing articles for indexing on Google Scholar. Google Scholar is a widely used platform for academic research, and having articles indexed on this platform increases their visibility and reach within the academic community. KMANPUB's team of professionals understand the requirements and guidelines set by Google Scholar, ensuring that all articles meet the necessary criteria for indexing.

Integrative System for Multiple Journals

OJS (Open Journal Systems) is a scientific journal management system that allows the setup and management of multiple journals using a single platform. With OJS, it is easy to launch new journals, receive and review articles, track the peer-review process, and publish journals online.

Journal Management Services

Book Publishing Services

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Book Publishing Services

From Submission to Publication

KMANPUB is a comprehensive publishing service provider that handles all aspects of book publication, from submission to peer-review, cover design, formatting, and distribution. We offer a one-stop solution for authors, ensuring a seamless and efficient publishing process. With their expertise in all areas of book publishing, KMANPUB guarantees that authors receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire publication journey. From the initial call for submissions to the final sale of the book, KMANPUB takes care of every step, making it convenient and hassle-free for authors to get their work published and reach a wider audience.

Book Chapter Publishing

KMANPUB offers a comprehensive publishing service that not only covers the entire process of book publication but also provides the opportunity for authors to publish their work as book chapters. With their expertise in peer-review, KMANPUB ensures that all chapters undergo a rigorous evaluation process to maintain the highest standards of quality. This means that authors can submit their work knowing that it will be thoroughly reviewed by experts in the field. By offering this option, KMANPUB allows authors to contribute to larger academic or professional works while still receiving the same level of support and guidance throughout the publication journey.

DOI and Indexing Services

KMANPUB is a publishing service that not only assists in the entire book publication process but also ensures that all their books are indexed in Google Scholar and assigned a DOI code. This means that the books published through KMANPUB can easily be found and cited by researchers and scholars in their respective fields. The DOI code provides a unique identifier for each book, making it easier for readers to access and reference the work. By offering this service, KMANPUB enhances the visibility and credibility of authors' works, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in academic and professional communities.

Conference Proceedings Services

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KMANPUB offers comprehensive services for conference proceedings, providing all the features of scientific journals, including having an ISSN and indexing in reputable scientific databases. With KMANPUB, conference organizers can easily manage the submission and review process, track the progress of papers, and publish the proceedings online. Additionally, KMANPUB provides member management, article uploading, commenting and responding to comments, generating reports and statistics, and ensures the indexing and visibility of the proceedings in renowned scientific platforms. By utilizing KMANPUB, conference organizers can enhance the professionalism and efficiency of their proceedings and streamline the publication process.

Indexing and DOI Services

KMANPUB is a digital publishing platform that provides a unique identifier called DOI for all its articles. This identifier ensures that the articles are easily searchable and accessible on various platforms, including Google Scholar. KMANPUB also offers indexing services for conference proceedings, which can be indexed in databases such as SCOPUS and DOAJ. This means that conference organizers and authors can benefit from increased visibility and impact for their research by publishing with KMANPUB. With its commitment to open access and high-quality publishing standards, KMANPUB is a valuable resource for researchers and scholars looking to share their work with a wider audience.

Conference Proceedings Services

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